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building_consultationBefore Nu-Style Homes can begin with the construction and realise your dream there is some important and vital information we will need to discuss with you in order to create your individual home design. These will include;

  • Discussing plan requirements ie whether you require Nu-Style to have plans drafted on your behalf or whether you will be providing plans 
  • Your land and any particular features or issues you may have
  • Your personal needs and requirements so that the end result will be in accordance with your family's lifestyle and expectations
  • Any personal features or latest trends you would like to have included in your design. For example; water features, fireplace, butler pantry etc
  • Particular finishings. For example; stone benchtops, type of cabinetry ie 2 pac or laminate, type of floor coverings etc
  • Project budget you are intending to work within
  • Any general concerns or queries you may have with regards to the building process or choosing Nu-Style Homes as your home builder

Once you have had this initial meeting with Nu-Style Homes and you feel comfortable to proceed Nu-Style will then begin with either of the following:-

1.Engaging the designer to draw up preliminary house plans; or

2. Provide you with a detailed Estimate of Cost for the construction of your individual design as provided

As Nu-style Homes strives to meet all of our client’s individual design needs and offers a personalised service, we feel that during this design concept stage it is very important that clients feel welcome to contribute and have an input to ensure that all their wishes are being met. Therefore, if Nu-Style Homes was required to engage a designer on your behalf, copies of the preliminary plans once received will be given to you so that:-

  • You can go over the plans in the comfort of your home and make any changes you feel necessary
  • Meet with Nu-Style Homes to discuss and walk through your design and obtain answers to any concerns or questions you may have
  • Incorporate any additional or new ideas, necessary changes which will then be submitted to our designer to update the plans incorporating those requirements

When the preliminary house plans have been finalised and all of your individual design needs have been included, Nu-Style Homes will then:-

  • Request their designer to issue a full set of house plans which will include floor layouts and elevations
  • Provide a copy to you for your records
  • Meet with you (if required) to answer any final questions you may have
  • Finalise the house plans for approval by you
  • Obtain a soil report and slab design through their structural engineer (associated costs payable by you) 
  • Proceed with obtaining quotes from our trades and suppliers in relation to the construction of your individual home design

Nu-Style Homes understands how important it is to the home owner to know exactly where they stand when it comes to meeting, not only their personal requirements but also their project budget.

For this reason, Nu-Style Homes have found it to be very beneficial to obtain written quotes and costings from their trades and suppliers prior to entering into a fixed price contract.  We feel that this process alleviates any concern of hidden additional charges and allows the home owner to keep full control of their project budget.  

Once Nu-Style has received all necessary quotes a detailed Estimate of Cost letter will be finalised and a meeting will be arranged which will allow all parties to discuss the contents and answer any questions.


Once all of your selections have been made and all quotes are received, Nu-Style Homes will provide you with a fixed price contract together with a selection summary for your approval.

Upon approval being received from you a Master Builders Contract will be signed together with the Specifications. After signing we will provide you with two (2) copies, one for your records and one for your Bank (if necessary) of the following:

  1. Signed Contract
  2. Specifications
  3. Engineers Reports
  4. Full Set of House Plans

At this stage you will now obtain final finance approval (if necessary) and Nu-Style Homes will have lodged all relevant plans and documentation with Council’s Certifiers for plumbing and building approval.

We monitor this stage closely so that as soon as written confirmation is received and all approvals have been obtained, construction of your new home will start at the earliest possible date.

New home under construction

This is the exciting and rewarding stage where your personal design begins to take shape. Relax, don’t worry Nu-Style Homes still will be with you every step of the way and continue to provide the personal service. During construction we will continue to guide you through the whole building process and encougage you to arrange regular site visits to ensure that any questions are answered or concerns are addressed throughout construction. 


Finally, we have reached handover, now comes that exciting time when everyones’ efforts come together to realise your dream. This means

  • Construction completed
  • Your new home has been professionally cleaned
  • Final walk through with the builder
  • You will receive all necessary paperwork and documentation
  • Keys delivered
  • 6 month maintenance period begins


Congratulations, all the hard work is over and you are now the proud owners of a new home created and designed by you! It’s time to share your creation with all of your family and friends.


Jason Adams is no stranger to the building industry, being personally involved for more than 16 years. Jason has personally overseen the construction of more than 220 homes. His experience has allowed him to listen to a client and be able to visualise the end result.

Nu-Style homes takes pride in offering their clients a high standard of quality at a competitive price.