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As Nu-style Homes strives to meet all of our client’s individual design needs and offers a personalised service, we feel that during this design concept stage it is very important that clients feel welcome to contribute and have an input to ensure that all their wishes are being met. Therefore, if Nu-Style Homes was required to engage a designer on your behalf, copies of the preliminary plans once received will be given to you so that:-

  • You can go over the plans in the comfort of your home and make any changes you feel necessary
  • Meet with Nu-Style Homes to discuss and walk through your design and obtain answers to any concerns or questions you may have
  • Incorporate any additional or new ideas, necessary changes which will then be submitted to our designer to update the plans incorporating those requirements


Jason Adams is no stranger to the building industry, being personally involved for more than 16 years. Jason has personally overseen the construction of more than 220 homes. His experience has allowed him to listen to a client and be able to visualise the end result.

Nu-Style homes takes pride in offering their clients a high standard of quality at a competitive price.