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  • Colour and designWalk through display homes, drive through new housing estates (– as a suggestion you could even knock on someone’s door and ask them what colours they have used on the outside of their house), tear out magazine pictures, look at home brochures etc anything that may give you inspiration for design and colour ideas to help you create your new home. You may even consider engaging a Colour Consultant to help you create the look you are wanting. However, remember this is YOUR new home so only include things that you love and want to live with .... just don’t include things because they are trendy at that moment
  • Consider your lifestyle and family needs when designing your new home e.g. how many bedrooms are required, location of children bedrooms to the parents, car spaces, entertaining requirements, children’s requirements
  • Finishes, appliances and tapware – sometimes home owners like to purchase their own products (if your Builder allows it) to save a few dollars however they should be aware of the following:
    • That the tapware has the Wels approval To view a glossary of terms click here.
    • That appliances purchased in clearance stores may not have a warranty or the warranty issued may run out before the product has been used.
    • That purchases from overseas may not be wired for the correct voltage in accordance with Australian requirements and again no warranty or repair services may be available here in Australia.
    • That the type of floor tiles being selected may incur additional laying or finishing costs – if you are considering the larger size tiles of 600 x 600 and up or perhaps rectified tiles, travertine, feature tiles etc we suggest you ask your Builder prior to you confirming your selection.


Jason Adams is no stranger to the building industry, being personally involved for more than 16 years. Jason has personally overseen the construction of more than 220 homes. His experience has allowed him to listen to a client and be able to visualise the end result.

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