QBBC Licence No. 1156443

  • Evaluate their credibility – you may wish to:-
    • Check with the QBCC (Qld Building and Construction Commission) for any licencsing issues ie license current or if they are suspended or have had any complaints
    • Speak to someone who has built with the Builder before
    • Look at a house recently built by them to see the quality and the workmanship
  • Consider a Builder who is a member of the Master Builders Association or HIA as they will adhere to the Building Industry standards
  • Secure a fixed Price Contract and know exactly what is included:-
    • To avoid any hidden charges make sure that all of your requirements have been covered in the initial contract price – this way the only extra charges that will be applicable will relate to any changes or requests made by you, allowing you to keep control of your budget at all times
    • Watch for Soil Classifications – a lot of builders will only include a certain type of soil in their initial contract price however costs can escalate considerably if the soil report results are worst than first thought
  • Specifications – go through the specifications thoroughly and make sure you know what items have been included:-
    • Selections choices – ask if you are able to choose between a few different products or is the builder only offering the one range that they have selected e.g. one tile/carpet in say 3 different colours, one type of oven and tapware etc
    • Make sure the appliances, fixtures and fittings being used by the Builder are brands that are well known within the Industry, are of good quality and have parts readily availabe  – you don’t want any overseas imports that don’t comply with Australian Standards, come with no warranties or no repair services for parts or labour are availabe
    • Secure a guaranteed start date and finish date – know how you are situated within the builders schedule – you want to know that the Builder is committed to you
  • Find a Builder that is flexible –are you able to have your say in what is included and what changes can be made


Jason Adams is no stranger to the building industry, being personally involved for more than 16 years. Jason has personally overseen the construction of more than 220 homes. His experience has allowed him to listen to a client and be able to visualise the end result.

Nu-Style homes takes pride in offering their clients a high standard of quality at a competitive price.