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Choosing a block of land

  • Are there any covenants that need to be adhered to e.g. what’s the minimum house size to built, what types of materials are to be used, are noise reduction products required etc as this may have a bearing on costs;
  • Information of the ground/area surrounding your land – unfortunately Builders are unable to foresee what lies under the ground and generally do not cover rock excavation etc in their contract price therefore, additional costs will be charged at the time of excavation – as a suggestion you may wish talk to neighbours who have built before you and see what they encountered, always helpful to know whether the budget will need to allow for these costs;
  • What type of block are you looking at – small lot, sloping, how much fall (will it need retaining walls) as these all can incur additional costs and if you are unaware of these costs it can put a strain on your end budget and which may compromise your home design;

Also be aware of Council Zonings e.g. you may have a large parcel of land however you can only build within a certain area and position


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